Representing Commercial Real Estate Investors, Homeowners, and Parents throughout California

Whether your only asset is your home or you're a commercial real estate investor with multiple properties, you'll find real estate and estate planning attorneys and resources you need to protect and pass on your assets, and to increase profits, minimize risks and fight lawsuits.

As someone who has accumulated assets, you want to protect the assets from fees and expenses upon your death or incapacity. As a parent, you want to leave a meaningful legacy. As a commercial real estate investor, you want to maximize your profits, minimize your risks and, if a dispute arises, you want tough, aggressive, persistent, creative representation.

You want results. You want your problem solved as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We understand.

At Lerman Law Partners, LLP, we offer top-quality representation for all estate planning and real estate transactions and litigation matters. We are distinguished professionals who get results because we understand the issues from our clients' perspectives. We work hard to be the legal advisers our clients need and deserve.