We work with investors all around the country to massively increase their portfolios, and achieve their real estate investing goals faster than they ever thought possible, through syndication, joint ventures and sometimes both at the same time in the same deal. Let's focus for now just on syndication. Click here if you prefer to jump to our joint venture page.

At some point in every investor's career, they will most likely run out of their own money to buy more investment property. At that point, an investor may consider working with "other people's money" to expand their investment portfolio.

While this can be an excellent strategy to take your investment portfolio to the next level, this "pooled investment" or syndication approach must be undertaken with competent counsel. We can guide you through this process, help you understand the relevant securities laws and what exemption(s) may allow you to avoid registering your syndication with the SEC completely.

However, it is crucial to consult a lawyer before you communicate your "offer" to even one investor or else you risk tainting the entire offering. We can help. Attorney Jeff Lerman teaches investors how to syndicate.

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