Lawyer Sets Up Free Consultation Hotline

eprinted from the Marin Independent Journal
June 19, 2003 / Page C1

Lawyer sets up free consultation hotline

Marin attorney Jeffrey Lerman of Lerman Law Partners, LLP in San Rafael has set up a toll-free hotline for people who have questions about forms given out at national "get rich quick" real estate investing seminars.

Lerman, who is co-chairman of the Marin County Bar Association's real estate section, said he will offer up to 10 minutes of free consultation on his hotline, which is 866-671-5902.

"What some people don't realize is that, in every transaction, there are potential legal traps for the unwary," Lerman said. "If they use a canned form, designed to be sold to any investor in any state, there's a danger that those one-size-fits-all forms may not satisfactorily address their unique objectives, needs and concerns."

Lerman is the founder of the National Association for Responsible Real Estate Education, and he has a radio show Sunday mornings called the "Lerman Law Lesson."