This blog is dedicated to real estate investors (just like our law firm at  You can check back to this resource periodically to keep up to date on current topics of interest to investors just like you.  I will also, from time to time, post invitations to education opportunities.
     But this blog offers you something else: a community where you can learn from your fellow investors.  If there’s a hot topic, it’s sometimes difficult to get information from sources that don’t have an “agenda”.  Here, we encourage you to share your expertise and insights with your fellow investors and to use their postings to help you in your investing business.
     If there’s a topic you want to see addressed in this blog, either by me or just posted for input from other investors, drop me a line: [email protected]  There’s a lot of misinformation, risks, and pitfalls in real estate investing.  Hopefully, in some small way, this blog can help you avoid all that and be a safer, more successful investor.


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