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Estate Planning, Trusts
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Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Transactions



Real Estate Investor and Estate Planning Lawyers in California

Lerman Law Partners has been representing commercial real estate investors for over 25 years. Let us put that experience to work ensuring that your real estate investment performs as intended. No matter the complexity or size of your real estate venture Lerman Law Partners can provide the knowledge and strategy necessary to help create success. We also help individuals plan their estate.

Put our accomplished attorneys to work for you. We can help with:

  • Form an ownership entity: Protect your personal assets, your business assets and maximize your tax benefits by using an entity to hold your real estate investments and/or operate your business.
  • Get investors for my deal: When you need “other people’s money” to get the deal done, we can help you through the process, including securities law compliance.
  • Loan documents: We negotiate and handle the process of getting a loan for your next deal.
  • Buy and sell: Buying and selling your investment are critical transactions that present many traps for the unwary. We help you through that minefield.
  • Deal with partners and investors: Partner disputes can be incredibly expensive and draining, emotionally and psychologically. A crucial step to minimize those disputes is to document properly your relationship from the beginning.
  • Deal with contractors: A solid construction contract can minimize disputes later on in the process.
  • Deal with tenants: Avoid unnecessary costs by drafting effective leases, easement agreements, reciprocal easement agreements, license agreements, covenants and conditions and restrictions (CCRs).
  • Deal with the government: Whether you have a development project or an existing building, you may be required to deal with government-related issues. We can help resolve those issues.
  • Litigation: Our team of lawyers has decades of combined litigation experience and are prepared to handle any real estate dispute aggressively.
  • Your estate plan: A solid estate plan including a will and/or trust can provide for the future of your loved ones.

California Commercial Real Estate Investor and Estate Planning Law Firm

Count on lawyers who are devoted to real estate investors and estate planning: Lerman Law partners. Contact us today. We have offices throughout California in San Rafael, San Francisco, Santa Clara and Los Angeles.


During the COVID-19 emergency, we are up and running and working hard.

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Everyone should have an estate plan, and especially now in light of this global health crisis. If we can help you in any way, click below to set up a phone call or a zoom video conference with us to start the estate planning conversation.

Stay safe and healthy. We are here to help.

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