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We work with investors all around the country to massively increase their portfolios, and achieve their real estate investing goals faster than they ever thought possible, through syndication, joint ventures and sometimes both at the same time in the same deal. Let’s focus for now just on joint ventures. Click here if you prefer to jump to our syndication page.

We believe the cheapest, easiest, fastest and safest way to build your investment portfolio is by using joint ventures. How is a joint venture different from a syndication? A joint venture is the coming together of two or more parties where each party is sufficiently actively engaged in the joint venture and has sufficient experience in the business of the joint venture (for example, real estate investing) so that none of the parties is relying solely upon the efforts of another party to make a profit. In other words, each of the joint venture partners is active, not passive. Where this is the case, their JV partners’ ownership interest in their JV entity is not a “security” and, therefore, not subject to the securities laws or under the jurisdiction of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

If you successfully structure your group investment as a joint venture, it is so much less expensive (in terms of legal fees), so much easier (because you don’t have to worry about inadvertently violating the securities laws), so much faster (because you don’t have to spend so much time with your lawyer preparing volumes of paperwork that would otherwise be required if you are syndicating) and so much safer (because, again, you don’t have to worry about violating the securities laws and risk ending up in prison).

As great as the joint venture strategy is, there are traps for the unwary and you must use an experienced lawyer to help you set up your joint venture to maximize your success and avoid getting into disputes with your partner that could result in a lawsuit.

Attorney Jeff Lerman works with his clients to make sure they put together their joint ventures the correct way, to avoid the securities laws, he uses joint ventures for his own deals, and he teaches real estate investors around the country how to use this important strategy.

Count on the law firm devoted to real estate investors: Lerman Law Partners. Contact us today. We have offices in San Rafael and San Francisco.

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