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Lerman Law Partners: Real Estate Litigation in California

Minimize Your Risk with Help from an Accomplished Legal Team

During speaking or media engagements, we often talk about the cycle of real estate investment and that our attorneys can help at any point in the cycle.

Real estate litigation is a risk at every stage of real estate ownership.

Involving an experienced real estate investor lawyer from the inception of a project is crucial to minimize that risk — from forming an ownership entity to dealing with contractors, tenants and the government. We can help an investor move forward on a project with all the necessary documentation because we know a simple contract dispute can put the brakes on our client’s project and lead to real estate litigation.

It is much easier to start a lawsuit than to end one. It takes a tremendous emotional and psychological toll on all involved. That being said, litigation can be extremely effective and, in many cases, it is the only action that gets a tenant’s attention. — Attorney Jeffrey H. Lerman in Special Report: Commercial Landlord Strategies in a Tenant’s Market

Real Estate Litigation: When Disputes Arise

Despite all parties’ best intentions and well-drafted documents, disputes can still happen. When they do, you need strong representation. Our clients tell us they appreciate our “pit bull” tenacity and our aggressive and creative protection of their rights and remedies.

As attorneys with over 85 combined years of real estate investor experience, Lerman Law Partners can help our clients evaluate the merits and weaknesses of the respective claims and defenses in your real estate dispute, discuss the many alternative dispute resolution options available today (including mediation, arbitration and the many hybrids), provide a clear understanding of the potential economic upsides and downsides of these various forms of dispute resolution, discuss litigation strategy and formulate an action plan based on our client’s goals.

We can aggressively litigate to help protect your profits. We will use every legal tool reasonably available to protect and defend our client’s interests.

Count on the law firm devoted to real estate investors. Contact us today. We have offices throughout California in San Rafael and San Francisco.

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