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Podcast: How To Save Thousands Of Dollars On Your Next Loan

by | Apr 4, 2010 | Firm News

How much you pay in points and interest on your next loan will be directly affected by your credit score. I was a guest on a recent “Your Credit Today” podcast. During that 30-minute program, credit repair expert Angela Setters Bessard (www.conquercredit.com) and I discussed five of the most surprising ways investors ruin their credit.

What makes them so surprising are two things. First, they can happen to absolutely anybody, even high net worth individuals (these hidden credit traps have nothing to do with your ability to pay off your credit cards). Second, most of these credit catastrophes are counter-intuitive (all five happened to yours truly).

So, click here, then click on the “March 26” podcast entitled “Live phone call with a valued client and Essential Credit Tips”, and listen now.

Who do you know who’s a real estate investor? Forward this post to them. They will appreciate it.

Then, come back here and post a comment about the most surprising lesson you’ve ever learned about either how to improve your credit or avoid credit downgrades.



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