Less than one year ago, I announced my new free Joint Venture Matching Group in LinkedIn with the below e-mail. As of today, that group is 526 members strong. That’s 526 free sources of potential JV opportunities. I invite you to read the below, check out the group and join (again, free). The more members, the more opportunities.

Whether you’re an investor trying to hold on to your existing investments or find an “off-market” new investment that finally makes some sense, consider joining Jeff’s LinkedIn Group: “Real Estate Joint Venture Matching Group-Find a JV Partner Here.”

At this unique time in our economy, when loans are hard to get and it’s hard to find sellers willing to sell at a “realistic” price, it may be easier to meet your investment objectives through a joint venture. This group offers a place for you to post your “need” (if you already own property) or “offer” (if you have money or services you can contribute to a joint venture) at no cost.

Click here to visit the Group now.

Who do you know who is an investor? Do them a favor and forward this e-mail and encourage them to joint the group, too.

Need legal help with your joint venture (negotiating the deal, forming it, resolving disputes)? I am The Real Estate Investor’s Lawyer. I handle transactions and litigation for investors like you. Please visit our website (www.RealEstateInvestorLaw.com) or call me.

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