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Jeff Hosts Radio Show On Wall St. Business Network

by | Apr 24, 2011 | Firm News

Jeff recently hosted the Going Beyond Real Estate Show on the Wall St. Business Network (KDOW 1220 AM). In addition to discussing hot topics he’s encountering with his investor clients (if you would like to discuss any of those topics, please contact Jeff at [email protected]), he interviewed several guests discussing a variety of timely topics affecting investors including: the impact of the new estate tax law, global and domestic economic news and what effect it has on investments, and new turnkey real estate investment opportunities (Disclaimer: Jeff’s interviewing of guests does not constitute an endorsement of any statements made or investment opportunities discussed).

To listen to that show whenever you like, click here to go to the Going Beyond Real Estate Show website, then scroll down to the 4/10/11 podcast in the column on the right and click either “Stream” or “Download” to listen.



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