In real estate, it is
unusual for “experts” to agree on what the best type of investments are at any
given point in time and when is a good time to invest. However, most experts
seem to agree that, at least for now, one particular type of investment is sound
and, for a limited time, it is a “good” time to buy that type of investment.
What is it and how short is the window of opportunity?

In last Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle, there was a good story discussing these questions and more, in which Jeff was quoted.  Here’s an excerpt:

“There is a tsunami of money coming into the market, billions of dollars to buy distressed single-family homes,” said Jeff Lerman, a San Rafael real estate lawyer, speaking about the national landscape. “The window of opportunity is rapidly closing (as prices rise). Over the next 18 months, profit margins in single-family opportunistic buying will be compressed quite a bit.”

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