A Great Way To Find Real Estate JV Opportunities

by | Jan 11, 2014 | Firm News

I am the Manager of the Linked In “Real Estate Joint Venture Matching Group-Find a JV Partner Here”.  We just passed the 2,000 member mark.  
That’s 2,000+ members who are posting JV opportunities and who will see your real estate JV opportunity, if you’re a group member and I approve your JV submission (I’m very hands-on as the Group Manager and I review every submission before posting it, to make sure only JV opportunities make it into the Group Discussion, and all promotions go to the Promotions section).
What does this mean to you?
If you’re an investor looking for deals, this is a great place to find investment opportunities, many of which are off market.  One of the hardest things for investors is finding real estate investment opportunities that make economic sense.  But if another investor already has identified a deal they think makes sense and is looking for a JV partner, that may save you time in your deal-hunting process.
If you’re an investor looking for an “active” money partner (this group is NOT intended to be used to find “passive” investors, since that would mean you’ve got a securities offering, which should NOT be conducted through this group), this is a great group to try to find those active money partners.
So, go to Linked In, search for my group and submit your request to join (this is not an open membership group; I need to approve all requests to join).
And, if you need legal help with your JV or securities offering, contact me at [email protected].
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