What Every Real Estate Investor Must Know About Crowdfunding

by | Oct 11, 2014 | Firm News

If you’re a real estate investor, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of years, you’ve no doubt heard about crowdfunding.  This is probably one of the hottest topics for real estate investors in recent years.
The problem is it is fairly complicated and confusing.  That complication and confusion is compounded by the fact that a good working understanding of crowdfunding’s potential and pitfalls also requires some understanding of applicable state and federal securities laws.  Like virtually all securities-related topics, the rewards of understanding how to use this strategy could potentially be significant, but the consequences of not understanding this can be expensive and severe.
At our law firm, one of our skills is making the complex simple; making the complicated understandable.  In an effort to do just that for real estate investors, we offer you the opportunity to finally wrap your brain around the important topic of crowdfunding.
I am putting together a webinar entitled “What Every Real Estate Investor Must Know About Crowdfunding” for all of our blog subscribers and, in order to make sure it provides the highest value to you, I need your help.  Please either leave a question in the “comments” section below or e-mail me ([email protected]) your most important questions about crowdfunding.  No need to restrict yourself to just one.  But please try to make your questions those which will be of interest to a broad audience and not just applicable to you.  Your questions can be from the perspective of the dealmaker thinking of using crowdfunding to raise money for your next deal or of the investor considering investing in a crowdfunding opportunity.
For everybody who submits a question, I will reciprocate by giving you a list of “Crowdfunding FAQs”, which I will create based in large part on the responses to this blog post.
Thank you for your interest and response.
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