Listen Now To Jeff Interviewed On “Best of Investing” Explaining a Frequently Overlooked Technique That Could Change The Way You Raise Money

by | Aug 19, 2015 | Firm News

I teach real estate investors all around the country how to raise money for their deals.  The most popular money-raising technique is syndication.  But that can be expensive, complicated and literally unavailable to investors who need money for their deal right now.
So, when I teach syndication, or when I meet with clients privately, I always make sure to tell them there’s another way.  A way that’s cheaper, easier, faster and safer than syndication (that’s right I’m going to tell you how you can pay me LESS to get the result you want).
When I teach this technique, it’s more often than not an epiphany for investors. In fact, when I recently explained it to one investor with a sizable portfolio, I could see his eyes grow wide as he began to understand and consider the impact this could have on his business and solving one of his biggest challenges (in fact, the biggest challenge for most investors).  This is how he explained his experience in a testimonial:
“I had the opportunity to discuss our real estate holdings with Jeffrey H. Lerman a few weeks ago in Boston where he was a special guest speaker at a real estate business event. In just a few brief moments, Jeff was able to assess my business model and open my eyes to the extraordinary use and leverage of [the overlooked technique]. I never would have imagined establishing the structures Jeff was able to explain in easy-to-understand language, and to create the potential for growth beyond our imagination within our grasp. It was right in front of us, and never even knew it was there. Jeff, I cannot thank you enough for your insight, clarity of concepts, and creative ways your mind works to help build better businesses for your clients’ continued success.” (emphasis added).
—Brian Lucier
Curious what this frequently overlooked strategy is?  Click here to listen now (download it NOW because the link expires on August 26!) to an interview I did on the “Best of Investing” radio show and podcast where I reveal it.  Make sure to listen to the entire interview.
Jeff Lerman
The Real Estate Investor’s Lawyer
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