What Every Homeowner Must Know About FSBOs (For Sale by Owner)

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If you are a homeowner thinking of selling your home or rental home without a broker, read this.  

Although most of our clients hire us to help them with their commercial real estate transactions and disputes, we also help clients with their residential real estate.  Many homeowners choose to sell their home without a broker.  They do that for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps the most common reasons are that they are selling to a tenant, relative or friend.  Regardless, our office receives many calls asking for our assistance to help guide these homeowners through what can be an intimidating process.

The homeowner may not know which contract to use, or where to get it.  They may be confused by how to complete the contract correctly.  They do not know which California state disclosure forms are mandatory, or where to get them, or how to complete them to avoid disputes.  Most of the post-closing lawsuits that arise from home sales could have been avoided if the contract and/or disclosure forms were prepared correctly.

We can help.

We provide a flat fee FSBO package to help seller and/or buyer get through a FSBO in compliance with California law.  We work with a transaction coordinator and together we make sure all contracts, disclosures and forms are completed properly and to reflect the parties’ intentions.  We answer all questions.  We prepare a timetable of key dates and deadlines for our client(s) so they understand what is supposed to happen when.

Read what one of our recent clients had to say about her and her husband’s experience with us:

“We used Jeff and his associates to complete a real estate purchase where a realtor was not required.  The process was smooth and professional…[N]othing went wrong, and no one manufactured unnecessary work to be done or paid for.  Very satisfied.”
Vanessa Calder (5 stars)

If you would like to know more about this service, please do not hesitate to call our office (415.454.0455) or e-mail [email protected].

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