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Real Estate and Litigation Topics:

  • Partnering Pitfalls And Profits
  • Smarter Investing Strategies For Today’s Economy
  • How To Pull $50,000 Out Of Your Underwater Home And Live There For Up To 2 Years Without Paying Your Mortgage
  • How To Negotiate Your Commercial Loan Workout
  • Business Development Opportunities for CPAs from Distressed Commercial Loans…Even If You Have No Interest In Negotiating Loan Mods
  • 16 Of The Biggest Mistakes Investors Make When Selecting And Forming Entities
  • 16 Of The Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Owners Make When Negotiating Construction Contracts
  • 16 Of The Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Owners Make When Dealing With Partners And Investors
  • How To Use OPM (Other People’s Money) Without Making OPM (Other People’s Mistakes) Or The Easiest And Cheapest Strategies To Effectively Deal With The Securities Laws
  • DELAWARE SERIES LLC: A Cost- And Time-Saving Asset Protection Tool for the Serious Investor Or How to Save $67,400 in 3 Years
  • Equity Stripping Techniques
  • Power Negotiating For Mediation
  • Tenancies In Common
  • Wealth Protection Essentials
  • Wealth Protection Strategies
  • What Every Investor Must Know To Avoid The Money Pit In A Property Defect Case

Estate Planning Topics:

  • Advanced Estate Planning
  • Essential Estate Planning For Real Estate Investors
  • How To Preserve Your Estate With A “Living Trust”

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