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Issues with Local City or County Government in California

At Lerman Law Partners, we represent California real estate investors. Our team of attorneys can help an investor at any point in the cycle of ownership of commercial real estate. Many investors hit a stumbling block when it comes to dealing with city or county government, whether it be in the context of a development deal or an existing building.

When considering the entire scope of the project, something such as a variance can seem small. But given the size of the investment, a commercial investor wants to see his or her project built and being used as quickly as possible.

From variances to a full-blown entitlement process for a development project, Lerman Law Partners can help. We have over 85 combined years of experience in California real estate investor law, and can put this experience to work to get a project on track.

Lerman Law Partners: Diplomacy and Experience

A variety of situations arise during the course of owning commercial real estate that may require you to deal with government agencies. Typically, this happens with your local city or county government. However, depending on the location of the property and the specific issue, it can also involve other agencies.

Commercial property development permits and regulations were put in place for a reason. Presentations made to government officials are important to get right; negotiations are sensitive and require diplomacy.

Government laws, city code and subsequent decisions can have a profound impact on the market value of an investor’s property. Presentations to and negotiations with the government require a lawyer with a forward-looking, detail-oriented and diplomatic approach.

Count on the law firm devoted to real estate investors. Contact us today. We have offices throughout California in San Rafael and San Francisco.

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