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Real Estate Transactions



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Most of the litigation we handle is fairly complex, involving multiple parties, hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of documents, and, of course, at least two sides to the “story” giving rise to the dispute. Accordingly, such disputes are often not conducive to meaningful analysis by means of e-mail. Notwithstanding these limitations, all the litigation we take on starts at the same place: with an inquiry by a prospective client, either by an initial telephone or office consultation. This “free case review” web page provides another way to make that initial inquiry.

If you have been sued, or are involved in a dispute that may result in litigation in California, we offer you the valuable opportunity to have your case reviewed by an attorney without charge. Simply fill out and submit an on-line questionnaire, and one of our attorneys will review your case and promptly provide you with information by telephone concerning your case.

BEFORE PROCEEDING, PLEASE NOTE: If you are not a current client of Lerman Law Partners, LLP please do not include any information in this email that you or someone else considers to be confidential or secret in nature. Prior to the establishment of an attorney-client relationship, unsolicited emails from non-clients containing confidential or secret information cannot be protected from disclosure. Sending an e-mail does not create an attorney-client relationship.


During the COVID-19 emergency, we are up and running and working hard. Everyone should have an estate plan, and especially now in light of this global health crisis. If we can help you in any way, click below to set up a phone call or a zoom video conference with us to start the estate planning conversation.

Stay safe and healthy. We are here to help.

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