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Michelle Lerman

“I look forward to referring my clients to Jeff and Michelle!”

I attended Michelle and Jeff Lerman’s presentation at the Real Estate Wealth Expo in October 2018. They were the most informative and impactful presenters that I saw during the 2 day conference, and the presentation was extremely informative. It was refreshing to meet such approachable and down-to-earth attorneys, and I look forward to referring my clients to them for their real estate law and estate planning needs.

Anna Weinstein,
Mortgage Consultant NMLS ID#1122684
San Francisco, CA

“Michelle is very knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and friendly – highly recommend working with her! Also her book ‘Create Your Best Legacy’ is an excellent resource for those who want to learn more about estate planning!”

February 13, 2020

“We just updated our trust and wills through Lerman Law Partners in San Rafael. It was a pleasure working with them and we feel that we have received outstanding service. We highly recommend Lerman Law Partners to anyone who is contemplating having a trust prepared or having a trust updated.”

John and Gael Casner

“We worked with Lerman Law Partners to draft our estate planning documents. We had many questions along the way. Michelle and her team were always very responsive and ready to answer any questions we had. The team was so pleasant to work with and we never hesitated to reach out with any questions or concerns, knowing they would be addressed.

We have recommended Lerman Law Partners to our friends for estate planning services. Thank you Michelle and Team for supporting us through this process!”

Ann & Bennett

“Dear Michelle,

Thank you for writing your book, Create Your Best Legacy. I have just recommended it to my entire family and will continue doing so with all of my friends. Well done!”


“We thought creating a trust was going to be very complicated but Michelle made the whole process painless! She took care of all the details and walked us through the steps, and we are very happy to now have all the protections a trust provides.”

Bill and Maura C

“We couldn’t have asked for a better guide through this challenging process. Michelle was knowledgeable, caring and informative and made a complex task easy and efficient for us.”

Kristin and Scott von Eschen

“Dear Michelle, Jeff & The Lerman Staff,

Many thanks for your wonderful services and warm regards during my difficult time. You guys are a great team!”

Doris C.

“The process was so easy and painless, especially during this time of upheaval. I feel so grateful that you were able to get my plan together so quickly and thoroughly. I spoke with other people and they did not seem as thorough as you. What a relief to have this done! Thank you. I would highly recommend Michelle.”

Justine Zang

“Thank you again for all of your help during a really challenging time. We’ll definitely be recommending your team to our friends who need help with issues related to aging parents.”

Alyssa Glass

“You all made this (Estate Planning) process very painless, which we appreciate.”

Annelyse Finley

“Michelle was terrific to worth with. She made it very easy and really simplified the process for us. She told us all our options so we understood everything. The estate planning process couldn’t have been better.

Thank you Michelle.”

Randy and Karen R.


For the first time since learning of my aunt’s changes I feel truly optimistic. Over time I have had to deal with attorneys on a variety of issues. As you may imagine, this has never been a favored activity. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done so far, and most of all, your professionalism, knowledge and intelligence. It is easy for me to tell that you care about your work and your clients. I’m usually pretty good with words, but this is too emotional an issue to me to express exactly what I am feeling.Let’s just say it makes me feel good beyond words to know I have you as my representative.”


“Dear Michelle: Thank you for your great assistance in writing my Trust. You are right; creating the Trust is a concrete act in taking control over one’s life. I felt a wash of emotion coming over me about 45 minutes after signing when at that time I realized I had set in motion my intentions to provide for my family. It feels great to know this accomplishment serves our purposes for the rest of my life.”

C. Mettier
Corte Madera, CA

“Michelle Lerman was recommended by my Fidelity advisor as one of four attorneys in the Bay Area available to handle my family’s living trust. She was the only one of the four recommended as both efficient and professional, as well as friendly and understanding.

I found her to be exactly that, a perfect combo for a first-time trust owner concerned about his assets and the future for his family. I would use Michele Lerman and her courteous, fast-response team again for any of my legal needs.”

David Callaway
Chief Executive Officer
The Street

“Michelle: I can’t imagine anyone being more understanding and responsive to [our] needs than you have been. I am truly grateful. I will contact you if anything else comes up. I also would love to work with you again someday under happier circumstances.”


“We continue to get fabulous feedback from those who attended the event. You gave a superb, informative presentation to our donors. And your comments about philanthropy were extremely inspiring! Thank you again.”

Karen Sternfeld
Los Angeles, CA

“I have worked with Michelle for over a decade. Michelle is smart, thorough, responsive, detail-oriented, up-to-date on what is most important in the law as its relevant for our family, and she is a delight to work with – positive, friendly, professional and accessible! Michelle makes a challenging process, seamless and painless. I highly recommend her and the Lerman Law Partners practice.”

Fay Z.
Larkspur, CA

“Congratulations Michelle on being voted #1 lawyer! I am not surprised at all. Your presentations are fabulous and you make your clients and even non-clients (i.e., Mentoring Club members) feel taken care of.”

Behfar Bastani
Real Estate Investor
San Jose, CA

“I would like to thank Lerman Law Partners for the fabulous job they did in settling a dispute over the disposition of a seven figure estate in which I was a co-successor trustee. The resolution required expert legal knowledge in a number of areas, including estate, tax, and contract law. Michelle Lerman and her partners always treated me with the utmost respect and understanding in this complicated legal and family matter. Warm thanks go out Michelle and her team for their keen legal insight and negotiation skills.”

Mill Valley, CA

“Michelle is very thorough, easy to work with and timely. Since completion of our document, we had occasion to compare our trust to two other completed living trusts prepared by other attorneys. The work that Michelle did seems to reach a higher standard. We commend her for her work and would be happy to recommend her to our friends.”

Fred B. Cherniss

“My financial advisor referred me to Michelle to create an estate plan, and I could not have been happier with her. She was incredibly professional, steeped in knowledge and experience, and a delight to work with. Every time I talked to her was a pleasure. And I feel so relieved that my estate plan is complete!”

M. Wennmachers
San Francisco, CA

“Michelle and her team are terrific. They helped me through a detailed Estate plan. It was a fast and easy process with them – they provided great guidance. Others that have seen the resulting document said it is extremely thorough, professional and well executed compared to others. I have great peace of mind that I worked with Lerman Law Partners and highly recommend them. They are very efficient, experienced, trustworthy – you are in good hands.”

Jane G.
San Francisco, CA

I am so appreciative of this work. I am finally beginning to feel like I will have an understanding of what the heck is in store for all of us! IF only every woman could be introduced to you as she walks down the aisle! I feel like you should send me a stack of your business cards – I am handing them out to EVERYONE I KNOW! xo”


“Michelle was extremely helpful working with an elderly woman I referred to her. She was clear, patient, compassionate, and able to grasp the complex issues involved. I am very grateful for her help and would not hesitate to use her myself or refer to her again.”

Mark S.
Mill Valley, CA


“At our first meeting, it became very clear there were many considerations which we needed to understand regarding current practices and laws regarding the creation of wills and trusts conforming to our requirements. Michelle took the time to explain how our needs could be met and, for each aspect, what documents and provisions corresponded to those needs. She was patient and dedicated to ensuring our understanding.”

Stephen Fierberg

“I have been meaning to write you to thank you for seeing me a couple of weeks ago and to let you know how much I especially appreciated your kindness and understanding. I am sure you must hear this all the time, but it makes all the difference in the world when one is going through a rough time. Thank you for your encouragement to dream about what I want my life to be now and for the goodbye hug! I was reminded, at least for the rest of that day, of what it feels like to be happy and confident simply by interacting with good people. That was such a gift…thank you.”

San Rafael, CA

“We met with Michelle and were very pleased with our estate plan. Her Seminar was outstanding-it was very easy for us to make our decision. The heavy burden on our shoulders has eased.”

Paul and Inger Vida

“Thank you again for your help…it really was like being saved by a superhero! You should have a cape.”

A. Glass
Marin, CA

“I can’t thank everyone of you enough for all your help and for your quick response. I felt more comfortable going into major surgery after my estate plan was competed. You are a blessing to me and my family!”

F. Schonborn

After hiring other lawyers who used one size fits all estate plans and wasting a lot of money and aggravation, we met Michelle Lerman. After reviewing our trust, she completely amended it. Michelle made a completely custom trust specific to my family situation. It took time and Michelle asked many questions to insure that we had what we needed. It was not a fill in the blanks one size fits all trust.

We appreciate that Michelle stays up to date with current laws and e-mails us when there are changes.

We have such peace of mind now, and we feel grateful to have Michelle who cares as much as we do about our estate.

Reuben and Anita Salazar

“As a partner in a local Marin CPA firm, I have worked with many estate tax attorneys in the course of working with successful and wealthy clients. I especially enjoy collaborating with Michelle because she’s both technically competent and pleasant to work with. She is quite good at simplifying the complicated aspects of estate and trust law to her clients, so that they aren’t intimidated or frustrated in the process of making tough decisions.”

James A. Bronstein, CPA

“This process was so easy, quick and painless – Thank you!”

John and Cecelia Bowman
San Anselmo, CA

“Getting our estate plan done was one of the best things we’ve ever done. Michelle was great to deal with.”

Phil and Sandy Hynes
Mill Valley, CA

“Thank you so much, Michelle. That whole process was A LOT easier than I ever thought it would be!”

Virginia Boone
San Geronimo, CA

“Dear Michelle,

I wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for speaking at our Lion of Judah Outreach event on February 2, 2012. You clearly related to many of the women in attendance and they felt comfortable sharing important information with you. Our donors truly enjoyed your presentation and found it incredibly relevant to their concerns today.

After your presentation, several of our members remarked:

“Michele was terrific – she made me realize what i need to do take care of myself and my children.”

“Thank you for having this type of programming…can we bring her back as I want to invite all my friends.”

“I loved how she wove so beautifully the values of Judaism into her remarks discussing money.”

“That was one of the most informative programs that you have had.”

“I have to admit this is a subject that really hit home for me. Her remarks were eye opening to me.”

“Michelle was fabulous, loved her energy and clear way of sharing such important information.”

Thank you for your time and excellent presentation. Down the road we would like to have you return to our community to address some of our business women, as we believe everyone could benefit from your clear and direct expertise.”

Sincere regards,

Amy Popkin
Vice-President, Women’s Campaign
The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles

“Michelle and her team did an excellent job in preparing my estate plan. She explained the procedure completely in understandable terms and was very patient. I am very grateful for the professional work that her and her team performed and I would not hesitate to use them in the future.”

Richard S.
Orinda, CA

“After being introduced to you through one of my clients, I was impressed with your professionalism and sensitivity after calling you for assistance to sort through affairs after a recent family death. I look forward to a continued professional relationship and would be proud to recommend you to any of my clients.”

John Franczak
Financial planner

“I worked with Michelle Lerman 8 years ago to do our family trust, medical directives and will, and as my family changed she just redid all of my estate papers. Michelle is very knowledgeable, friendly, detail oriented as well as responsive to questions. I had a deadline which she graciously worked with and was always very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend Michelle Lerman and the Lerman Law Partners for all of your Estate Planning, Trust and Real Estate Legal needs.”

Felica S.
San Rafael, CA

“I have referred friends to Lerman Law Partners and have every confidence in their professional service and their commitment to educate the community about important estate planning, tax and legal matters.”

Susan S.
San Rafael, CA

I attended Michelle’s seminar years ago and I highly recommend her. She prepared my estate plan for me, and I feel so appreciative of all the time that she took with me. She’s very knowledgeable and made it very understandable. Before attending Michelle’s seminar, I had been to many other seminars on estate planning. I thought Michelle’s was far superior, and I’m so glad I chose her as my estate planning attorney.

Irene Jaquette
San Rafael, CA

“Ms. Lerman, I thought you did a great job on the options and leases issue regarding potential reassessment in the North Bay Business Journal issue Monday, October 20, 2014.”

John T.
Napa County Assessor

“Thank you very much for your great seminar today! I really appreciate your taking time to give us an overview over estate planning from our perspective. This basic knowledge alone will save thousands of dollars in attorneys fees since now we are well prepared for the first session.”

Roland Schulz

I attended one of Michelle Lerman‘s seminars years ago, and found the information clear and informative. After meeting with Michelle for a private consultation, she prepared my estate plan for me. Just recently, she updated it for me. I have been very happy with her services. She is nice and friendly and great to deal with, and I would highly recommend her.

Wendy Moore,
Mill Valley, CA

“I attended one of Michelle Lerman‘s past Estate Planning seminars and hired her to prepare my estate plan for me. She and her staff made what could have otherwise been an overwhelming task very quick and easy. She is very friendly and was able to answer all of my questions and concerns. I would highly recommend her.”

Beverly Hills, CA

“Your talk was well-received even to those who fancy themselves as ‘lawyer’s lawyers.’ Your perspective was a good lesson in the greater complexity lawyers now address, and why simple solutions peddled by the mass market vendors seldom are beneficial for the client.”

LM, attorney
Century City, CA

“Michelle fit so much valuable information into her talk and made it all crystal clear. She has an impressive depth of knowledge and amazing ability to synthesize and present it in a meaningfully way.”

Mike Stonehouse

“Very articulate and to the point. Excellent education. Fantastic work as always.”

Peter Minocha

“After doing extensive research on my own and attending other seminars, I felt I gained the most from this seminar.”

Greg H

“Great introduction to the complications and vagaries of estate law.”

Joan F.

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