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Philip Diamond

Lerman Law Partners and more specifically Phil Diamond represented my father and me in a contractual dispute. We were very impressed with Phil’s attention to detail and his meticulous order in preparation of our case.

Phil was extremely attentive and made sure that we completely understood our position in this case, which made our choices in which way to proceed straightforward. The daily communication with Phil was unlike any that we have ever experienced. He responded to a phone call or an e-mail usually within minutes, which made us feel that he was always there to answer any questions or address any issues. Phil was able to bring our case to a tremendously satisfying and successful conclusion.

Our experience with Phil was wonderful, and we must say that it felt like we were working with a great friend who just happened to be an attorney. If you are dealing with contractual issues or any other legal challenges, we can without any hesitation recommend Lerman Law Partners. Thank You so much, we couldn’t have managed without your help.”

Andrew Bain & Simon Szulawski
Napa, California

“My business had to close because of the Pandemic and we were, to say the least, devastated by it. The commercial space we occupied came after us with a vengeance but little did they know we had retained SuperMan, PHILLIP DIAMOND, from the Lerman Law Group. Phillip is a master at his craft (LAW) he responded with detail and strength he kept us apprised of our case and calmed all our fears. We believe that if it had not been for Phillip we would have had to pay a huge sum of money. We not only have gained a trusted reliable lawyer but a true friend I recommend Phillip Diamond of The Lerman Law Group for all your legal matters Superman will get the job done.”

Della B.

“Phil Diamond is a pleasure to work with. He negotiated a favorable outcome in a condominium co-ownership dispute that I had been attempting to settle on my own for years. Phil is knowledgeable and professional. His attention to detail is impressive. I appreciate his warmth, calm demeanor and sense of humor. I recommend him highly.”

Claire K.

“I am delighted to sing Phil Diamond’s praises. I’ve worked with Phil on a real estate dispute, a house purchase, and a negotiation with a neighbor. His unerring clarity, attention to detail, responsiveness and wisdom have been invaluable to me as I’ve navigated unfamiliar waters. Most important to me, Phil has a warmth, humility, and humanity that inspires my trust and makes it easy for me to work with him. You won’t go wrong with Phil; he has my highest recommendation.”

Marin County Property Owner

“Thank you for working so hard on my contract dispute and handling the process so well. You managed my expectations and presented a realistic picture of how the dispute would proceed, strategically and economically. A dispute like this lends itself to emotional reasoning by the client, and you were always empathetic toward that. Our interests were aligned on this and at no time did I feel like, nor was it ever the case, that you were trying to maximize fees. On the contrary, your fees were extremely reasonable.

The qualitative and the tactical aspects of your handling of this dispute were exemplary. I am very happy with your professionalism, but equally importantly, your humanity and compassion. Hopefully I won’t have any more conflict-based legal matters, but if and when I do, I will be happy to work with you again.”

Mike F.
Spokane, Washington

“Phil Diamond and Jeff Lerman did a truly outstanding job representing me in a recent commercial real estate dispute. They took the necessary time to make sure they thoroughly understood my particular situation, then demonstrated initiative in advancing the case that was far above and beyond my expectations. Throughout, I felt that I was in the good hands of attorneys who were assiduously looking out for my interests. The final result was a successful and satisfactory resolution of the case. I could not have asked for a better law firm to handle the case, and I would like to give special thanks to Phil Diamond for his outstanding work on my behalf. I wholeheartedly, and without any reservation, recommend Lerman Law Partners.”

Ted S.
Ellicott City, MD

“I recently finished a lengthy 3 way business negotiation with Phil Diamond’s assistance. Very positive outcome thanks to Phil’s guidance.

I wouldn’t use any other law firm other than Lerman Law.”

Jeffrey P.

“We were so fortunate to have happened upon Phil Diamond by chance after we’d moved out of state only to have a contract dispute arise from our home sale. It is an emotional, frightening process but Phil will floor you with his meticulous preparation and attention to detail throughout your path to resolution, and it’s remarkable for your representative to actually have such an elevated bedside manner, too— we needed it, and upon resolution of the matter we consider him a friend.

He’s been around the block— you’ll receive incredible insight into likely options and phases of the process, and it meant the world to us to be able to have some expectations set as we sailed into foreign waters. We marveled at the quality of his communications with us and the other party, and he brings exemplary advocacy for your interests, with a wealth of stunningly clever and wise protections that will preserve your rights and seek only fair, advantageous compromises (if amicable closure is what you seek, that is… I wager if we’d wanted to draw out a protracted battle that Phil would’ve been the bulldog you’d always hoped to have in your corner). We can’t recommend him highly enough, and welcome inquiries on his behalf if that would help your decision.”

Kirk B.

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