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Jeff Lerman

“He understands exactly what I am trying to accomplish.”

I have used Jeff Lerman to handle both contract and litigation matters. He understands exactly what I am trying to accomplish. He grasps the situation. He understands quickly what I want and need. Unlike other attorneys I have worked with, I don’t have to waste time educating him. I appreciate that more than anything. He’s very concerned about quality control. He is quick to respond. I would feel comfortable recommending Jeff to others and have done so. Working with Jeff has been a very positive experience.”

Barry Allen
Principal, International FieldWorks, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA

“Your work and results to date have been in my opinion exceptional!”

Arthur Morford [Note: When Mr. Morford came to this office, he was confronted with a judgment that had been obtained against him, his wife and son, even though they were represented by two lawyers in the lawsuit. We succeeded in getting the judgment set aside, getting the lawsuit dismissed as against his son (a top priority for Mr. Morford), and getting the lawsuit stayed (or frozen)].

“I went to Jeff on a referral and was prepared with a list of questions. Within five minutes I knew that Jeff was the real estate attorney I wanted on my team. Jeff is not only a real estate attorney but he is also an investor and having been there, he knows the intricacies of finding and financing the deal, performing the due diligence and closing the transaction. Having been there, Jeff truly understands the art of the deal and has saved me thousands of dollars today and into the future.”

Todd Squellati
Real Estate Investor
Fremont, CA

“I used Lerman & Lerman to collect a substantial judgment. The judgment debtors were being extremely evasive. Jeff Lerman collected the judgment in a very aggressive, efficient manner. I am a lawyer as well as a businessman. I used to practice law at one of the most prestigious firms in Los Angeles. I know good legal work and that is exactly what I got from Jeff Lerman, at reasonable rates..

Gary K. Ravet
President, Adventure Travel Specialists
San Diego, CA

“I attended Michelle and Jeff Lerman’s presentation at the Real Estate Wealth Expo in October 2018. They were the most informative and impactful presenters that I saw during the 2 day conference, and the presentation was extremely informative. It was refreshing to meet such approachable and down-to-earth attorneys, and I look forward to referring my clients to them for their real estate law and estate planning needs.”

Anna Weinstein,
Mortgage Consultant NMLS ID#1122684
San Francisco, CA

“Jeff Lerman is a very smart attorney who knows his business. He does exactly what he says he will do, unlike some attorneys who make promises and then never deliver. He is also very efficient, which helps reduce the fees. I have recommended other business associates to Jeff. He gives me value-added service. And by the time we are done with a project, Jeff has made me money..

Jeffrey Tomback
Chief Executive Officer, Miller Tomback
San Francisco, CA

“My husband and I are extremely pleased clients. I am very grateful that Jeff answered my cold call email back when I first reached out to him from Googling for a real property lawyer in the SF area to help us from the jam which we had inadvertently found ourselves in.

I am writing this testimonial to recommend Jeff and his team to anyone who is looking to invest in SF properties. As an overseas investor buying in SF from overseas, I highly recommend paying for a reputable legal team for the security and peace of mind.

Here’s our story:
My husband and I are overseas investors. We were trying to buy a house in SF. But when our real estate broker threatened to sue us unless we paid a six-figure commission he had not earned, we were shocked, outraged, confused and, frankly, intimidated. Adding to our frustration, we live in Asia and were being forced to deal with this potential lawsuit via long distance phone calls and emails.

Fortunately we found Jeff. He listened to our story, read the documents and quickly understood not only our case but its strengths and weaknesses. He explained those strengths and weaknesses to us clearly so that we understood them. His belief in us and the strength of our case, and the fact that he was as passionate as we were about the injustice of the broker’s claim and about our chances of winning, immediately gave us comfort and made us truly feel we were a team.

We found Jeff and Phil to be extremely thorough and creative problem-solvers every step of the way. We always felt they had our best interests at heart and were very pragmatic and business-minded about the entire dispute resolution process. We really felt they were more focused on our ultimate “bottom line” and not their own. Jeff and Phil quickly settled the case through mediation (when we were able to compare the quality of Jeff and Phil’s mediation brief with the broker’s lawyer’s brief, there was no comparison; our brief was vastly superior) in a matter of hours, guiding us every step of the way, saving us the significant time, expense, distraction, and emotional drain of full-blown litigation, and we are extremely pleased with the outcome.

Would I use Jeff and Phil for our next property deal? ABSOLUTELY! In fact I would not buy, sell, nor rent any property in the US without having an effective and thorough law firm like Lerman Law Partners look through the contracts first. Having a good lawyer in the high risk real estate market gives the investor considerable peace of mind.”

Ning Lim
Hong Kong

“I had a willing buyer for my San Rafael house & so decided to use a real estate lawyer, rather than a broker, to ensure all was legal. Jeff Lerman of Lerman Law Partners was a lucky find. Experienced, reasonable in his billing, responsive at all hours and careful that all went along as needed, he was invaluable & pleasant to work with. I would certainly recommend him & his team.”

Simon P.

“We are commercial property investors and managers. We use Lerman Law Partners for all of our needs, from negotiating purchase and sale agreements, loan documents, broker listing agreements, and leases, to handling all of our litigation needs. They have saved us many times what we have paid them in fees through their aggressive representation. They give us practical, business-oriented advice and the results have been excellent. We cannot imagine doing business without them.”

Tammy Arima
President, K.O. Investment
Los Angeles, CA

“I have over 40 properties–single family homes to multi-unit buildings–all over the country. I started with 14 separate LLCs. The costs were outrageous and it was time-consuming to manage. Then I met Jeff Lerman. We created a cookie-cutter system so as I bought more properties, the cost of asset protection went down significantly and the time involved in managing these entities went decreased dramatically. Not only that, but my taxes are much cheaper. I estimate over the last few years, I’ve saved over $100,000 in tax preparation fees alone! I love this system!

Jeff Slayter
Managing Partner, Pivotal

“Mr. Lerman did an excellent job of evaluating a recent property deal in Napa, CA. He was fast and gave a detailed response that determined if I was going to move forward in the project. I am completely satisfied and happy with the results. He saved me over $65,000 and possible heartache down the road. I would gladly recommend him for your real estate / attorney needs.”

Bruce Marinace
Real Estate Investor, San Francisco, CA

“When I have a real estate issue in the future I can’t imagine I’ll do anything but turn to you first. Thanks again for your professionalism and excellent skills.”

Rob Aseron
Real Estate Investor, Palo Alto, CA

“I have a number of investment properties myself, and have been knowing that I need to get this LLC thing handled. I did a little investigation and the cost [of setting up multiple LLCs] just seemed to be getting away from me a little bit – as well as the complexity, so I never did anything about it. Then we had Jeff do a seminar for my office [on the series LLC] and I knew right after it was over. I went up to him and said sign me up. It [setting up my LLC] was all very easy, and I’ve let Jeff’s firm do all the work. They just sent me stuff to look at, sign and approve, and we have brief conversations from time to time. I must say that part’s been great..

Jeffrey Mishkin,
Managing Director, Marcus & Millichap

“When it was time to purchase my first investment property, I went to Jeff Lerman. Jeff quickly showed me how to modify the standard purchase agreement with an addendum designed to protect my interests and ensure sufficient time for due diligence. With Jeff’s help, I was able to make an offer that was unconditionally accepted by the sellers within 24 hours. I plan to utilize Jeff’s strategy for all future investments I make.” (emphasis original)

John C. Robinson
Real Estate Investor, Fairfield, CA

“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the effort, honesty, integrity and knowledge you provided me and my partners as we began our venture into fundraising for our new business. Having a vision is one thing, while having a road map to that vision is an entirely different story. Your honest insight provided us with that map. Raising private capital can be an extremely daunting task, especially when one is calling upon friends, family and close associates for investment. The professionalism and candidness with which you advised us set us completely at ease (or, at as much ease as possible when opening a new business!) Although we came to you with a solid foundation of business ownership, we desperately needed someone to help us prioritize our fundraising efforts and foresee any potential roadblocks and opportunities. You provided that support every step of the way, from providing all the necessary documents to following up on the most minute detail of a sentence; we truly felt “covered” by you and your staff.

Our fundraising is almost complete and we grow more excited each day as we get closer and closer to realizing our business vision. I do not believe that we would be this close to a successful opening without your assistance. Thank you so very much. It is my honor to recommend you and your staff to any new business owner.”

Nicolas Pommier
Fitwize 4 Kids

“To Whom It May Concern:

The mountain of foreclosure properties has created a new industry servicing the banks’ repossession efforts. These people may be new to the banking or real estate world and are often misinformed about the very process that stands between you and your freedom. In my case, the bank sent both a lawyer and a real estate broker, working independently to settle possession of the house.

The broker and lawyer had conflicting information and requirements. Ultimately, I was told I had three days to vacate my home or face eviction.

Jeff changed the three days to three months AND got me an amicable “cash for keys” Settlement Agreement. The money allowed me to pay moving expenses and the down payment on a new place to live-but most importantly the agreement protected me down the road.

Days later, the broker required me to sign forms for the hand-off. However, his standardized forms were redundant to the Settlement Agreement and would have actually hurt my future rights and financial future. According to the broker, it was the only way to get the house settled, since it was how he had always done it. I had to sign bad legal docs. The bank’s lawyer had nothing to add, and turned out to be rather ignorant about the situation and my rights.

Jeff stepped back in, bypassing the broker, and caused a document to be created that cemented my freedom from the bank.

Hiring Jeff saved me immeasurable stress, time, and money. I recommend him without hesitation as a caring, experienced, and tenacious lawyer to have on your side. (Emphasis added).”

Thank you,

Neil Tanner

“I have been working with Jeff Lerman for several years. He has helped me with both litigation and transactional matters. He recently helped me sell one of my businesses in a complex stock-for-stock transaction that was worth eight figures. He is currently handling litigation for me where the amount in dispute is seven figures. Jeff understands the pros and cons in a business situation and is able to alert me about landmines that might exist. He covers all the bases, so there are no surprises. Furthermore, he is up front about everything and never misleads me. With other attorneys, you may not get the whole truth. So you get into a project and end up wasting money because the attorney wasn’t truthful about all the aspects of the case. Jeff is very honest. He is also very easy to work with. Jeff has done a great job and I’m very pleased with his service..

Don Thomas
Chairman of the Board, Frequency Management Company
Irvine, CA

“Jeff Lerman has handled both contract negotiations and litigation for my company. He is a very good negotiator upon whom I rely. He is aggressive and persistent and never lets anything get by. He is also very thorough and detail-oriented when he needs to be. At the same time, Jeff is friendly and I feel very comfortable with him. I would highly recommend him.”

Michael Bennish
Managing Member, Sotello Properties, LLC
Los Angeles, CA

“I wanted you to have this letter in your file and in a display to anyone you wish. Our getting together for lunch the other day reminded how innovative you were in representing me in uncovering significant cash in the Rancho Cucamonga case in which I was the Receiver. By your in-depth research and skilled communication and perseverance, I recovered a hefty sum that otherwise could have slipped away unnoticed. Thank you, and I hope that we shall have many more opportunities to work together again.”

Robert Crane
President, Crane Realty
Irvine, CA

“I hired Jeff to help review and modify a loan agreement for a real estate investment my family made… Jeff did a great job in setting my expectations and advising us. Our first meeting with Jeff went very well. We felt like he was asking the right questions about our particular situation and that he really understood the matters that were of greatest concern to us. Jeff spent well over an hour with us during our first meeting and offered some good insight for the negotiations we were entering into shortly thereafter. Once we retained Jeff, he continued to provide outstanding service for us. We had some very tight timing constraints on our case and Jeff worked for us well beyond normal business hours. He came down with a bad cold when we needed him most and still took my calls at 11pm. Jeff also made me feel confident that he was making sure our interests were protected. He brought up a number of points that we had not considered and we made important changes in our strategy accordingly. All and all, we are very happy with the service Jeff provided us with thus far and we are looking forward to working with him more.

We have been extremely pleased with Jeff Lerman and his work. He has been very responsive to our needs and has operated very professionally throughout our interactions. He has provided sound and timely advice to us which we are very appreciative.”

Alec Mironov
San Francisco, CA

“Dear Jeff,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of Congregation Kol Shofar, thank you very, very much for your absolutely stellar pro bono assistance in bringing our lease negotiations with the Osher Marin JCC Southern Marin Pre School to fruition. The JCC furnished a comprehensive addendum of items that ran many pages beyond the length of your basic lease template and you dutifully worked through their myriad issues with our negotiating team in a succession of conference calls. Your responsiveness was fantastic – you made yourself virtually instantly available whenever needed and you dispatched changes at every iteration, supremely quickly.

There was a very pressing critical path which backdropped the negotiations – the JCC simply had to get into their premises to prepare for the school year, by August 1. You obliged that tight timing, and you were undeterred – even despite a succession of vacations which took various key players from the scene for a week or two at a time. You simply stayed the course and made it happen.

The Southern Marin Pre School now is up and running and flourishing. Many thanks for your indispensable assist in making that happen.”

In gratitude and with best wishes,
Karen Hirsch
President, Kol Shofar

“My wife and I can’t say enough for the wonderful guidance Jeff Lerman provided us during the conflict we had at the end of our escrow period a couple of weeks ago. We were thankfully able to finally close on the property a couple of days after we spoke to Jeff. His assistance during that time was truly appreciated and, while we are just now coming up for air, we didn’t want another day to go by without thanking him and “Yelp”ing. I would recommend Jeff highly for any real estate issues that may arise.”

Jeremy L.
Toluca Lake, CA

“I have been using Jeff for nearly 10 years. He has assisted us with numerous business and corporate issues. Jeff always gives you options and best/worst case scenarios so you can make well informed decisions. Jeff has earned my explicit trust.

Michelle has also done a thorough and excellent job helping my wife and I with our estate planning. As a business owner this is an important and complex issue.

I have also recently finished a lengthy 3 way business negotiation with Phil Diamond’s assistance. Very positive outcome thanks to Phil’s guidance.

I wouldn’t use any other law firm other than Lerman Law.”

Jeff Perry
El Dorado Hills, CA

“Jeffrey Lerman‘s thorough knowledge of real estate law, efficiency, and understanding of critical details was instrumental in us effectively putting together a PPM for our first land development deal. This is allowed us to raise the necessary capital with accredited investors and to move forward with the project. Whenever my business partners and myself are unclear with how to navigate within the confines of the law while raising investment capital, Jeffrey Lerman is our go-to guy.”

Ethan Stone
Principal of The BluProperty Group

“Jeff is quick, accurate, and great to work with. Highly recommended! We used him for a Joint Venture agreement that was not even related to Real Estate. Jeff is a solid all-around attorney with a great personal style.”

David P.
San Francisco, CA

“With the help of Jeff Lerman, my business partners and I launched a commercial real estate brokerage, investments, and property management company. Jeff guided us through the process of determining which legal structures to use (i.e. Corporation vs. LLC), expedited the formation of our first LLC, and laid the foundation for the associated subscription and operating agreements to serve as our templates going forward. Jeff also gave us great peace of mind in knowing that he and his team would attend to the important details of filing all the initial documents with the State, yet teach us how to handle important compliance matters in the future on our own.

It was particularly refreshing to have the additional benefit of Jeff’s business perspective when advising on specific language that we used in the Subscription / Operating / Purchase Agreements. For example – he reviewed our Private Placement Memorandum for the equity syndication to ensure that the interests of both the sponsors and the investors were aligned. Jeff’s ability to provide balance and perspective on both legal and business considerations makes him a real asset to our team of valued professional resources.”

Douglas Twillman, CFA
Managing Member, Ovation Real Estate Partners, LLC
Greenbrae, CA

“My case, by most accounts, was just about a lost cause from the very outset. You took me seriously, did not give up on me, did your best to inform me of all the obstacles without discouraging me. All your hours of research and planning did lead to exactly what I hoped for, the acquisition of a 22.5 inch strip of land.

Many, many thanks and my most sincere and best wishes for more successes in the years to come.”

Elvera Ralph
Inverness, CA

“A few months ago my family and I were denied are modification on our home loan due to a minor technicality which was no fault of ours. Jeff, not only lent a sympathetic ear but immediately drafted a letter which was submitted to the mortgage company stating our case. Within 24 hours a new loan was prepared with even better terms than the previous modification. Jeff and Michelle advised us in a most professional manner, they are outstanding in their commitment to their clients. With warmth, friendship and a personal touch, they provide a most professional and supportive experience.”

Rabbi Hillel and Chana Scop
Mill Valley, CA

“We currently have five single-family homes and a thirty-unit apartment building that we’re doing a condo conversion on. Lerman Law Partners set up a Delaware Series LLC so that we could stick each of our individual assets into a Delaware Series LLC, and they were fantastic! The LLC is working really great for us! …Every time I purchase a new property or I want to add a partner onto a particular property deal, I have all of the forms to do it myself, and it’s really easy.”

David Campbell
Real Estate Investor

“I’ve known Mr. Jeff Lerman for over 3 years. Jeff is a phenomenal attorney, one of the best in my book. He is very attentive, professional, efficient and straight forward.

His assistance in regards to real estate Investments and specialized knowledge regarding each unique opportunity has prevented possible land minds that may have occurred otherwise without his assistance, saving us both time and money.

As a Commercial Real Estate professional specializing in listing and selling multi-family property at the Charles Dunn Company in West Los Angeles I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future Jeff!”

Beverly Hills, CA

“Thank you for all your help. You have been such a big part in helping us to grow. We look forward to a long and profitable relationship!”

Robert Helms
Real Estate Investor

“We had six different properties in three different states with about thirty investors made up of individuals, trusts, and other entities. The attorneys at Lerman & Lerman cleaned up our title for us, which was a mess, negotiated and documented all of the sale documents and helped us every step of the way in the sale of the properties. They did a great job. I continue to use them for other matters and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.”

Robert S. Schenkman
Principal, Robert S. Schenkman Accountancy Corp.
Encino, CA

“I originally went to Jeff to seek some advice on a 3 million dollar development project I was putting together. Jeff gave me the information I needed to develop a professional pro-forma that I was able to give to banks and investors. This was invaluable in helping me see what the real numbers were for the project. It was also the documentation that helped me secure investors and a bank. As the project came together I went back to Jeff to form an LLC for the project. Jeff was efficient and thorough in forming the LLC and was extremely timely in making any changes. I am extremely happy and satisfied with the work that Jeff has done for me. The work was done efficiently and professionally at a reasonable cost.”

Rick Mozer
Novato, CA

“I just want to write a little note to say thank you and Inna for your wonderful work. Inna has added so much value to your team and she has been very dedicated to her work. She has been on top of our needs for our unfortunate situation (running out of time and possible be default on the contract.) This means a lot to us.”

“We are at the last stage of closing this deal. Having your team being part of this has helped us tremendously. I personally want to say thank you and Inna. It has been a pleasure to working with you. And hopefully we will continue this adventure.”

Angelo Zhao
Real Estate Investor
Foster City, CA

“I wanted to say thank you for your help in getting our deposits refunded from William Lyons Homes. All funds have been received, as indicated they would be. Thank you for your quick attention to this matter, as time was of the essence in getting it resolved. It was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to using your law firm in the future, for more constructive investment endeavors.”

John & Kris W.
Real Estate Investors
Lake Forest, CA

“My wife and I consulted with Jeff Lerman regarding questions we had about our rental unit and also about subdividing our lot for our recently purchased property in Corte Madera. I must say that we were more than pleased with his expert guidance and efforts. From the initial phone call with Marta, we immediately knew we were going with the right group. Marta was accommodating, professional, and the epitome of great customer service. Jeff was thoughtful, efficient, precise in his approach and most of all, he made us feel comfortable and relaxed, as if we were more of a friend than a client. I want to thank the Lerman Law Partners for meeting with us and I hope to retain their services in the future. Highly recommended!!!”

Joel H.
Corte Madera, CA

“As new real estate investors, we needed help with our first deal. We called Jeff, after hearing him speak at a local investment club meeting. He went over the contract and helped us make the best decision about a potential investment we were considering. He worked very knowledgeably and efficiently to help us, and he knew exactly what had to be done in our situation. We would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a real estate attorney who looks out for your best interests! Thanks very much, Jeff!”

Chuck and Linda Toqe

“Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You’re a great lawyer… I will never forget what you’ve done and will make sure that your name gets around in my circle. You have restored my faith in dealing with lawyers.”

Josie Pelletier
Real Estate Investor
Novato, CA

“I contacted Jeff Lerman at Lerman Law Partners with questions on my Real Estate Investment Entity. Jeff provided me with direct and concise feedback to my real estate investment questions and offered advice for the direction of my business in our current market . I have worked with other real estate attorneys but always had problems with them understanding the nature of my business. Jeff has a solid understanding of Real Estate Investors needs. I finally found a Real Estate attorney that understands the business. Excellent consultation with Jeff – I would highly recommend Lerman Law Partners!”

Suzy P.
San Diego, CA

“Our son is in the process of purchasing his first home in California. I practiced law in Nebraska for 25 years and handled many real estate matters, but we wanted help with the CA legal process. Within a very short time of leaving a message at Jeff Lerman‘s office, he called me back to get the information required. Within hours of his receipt of the paperwork, he had provided us with an in depth review of the contract and upcoming process. He has continued to be the advocate that I had hoped for our son to have, and we are grateful for his competency and compassion.”

Susan W.
North Platte, NE

“We live in Arizona and hired Jeff to handle a real estate matter for us in California. He answered all of our questions in a very timely manner and was very professional throughout the whole process. We would highly recommend Jeff and his law firm.”

Rick & Paula J.
Safford, AZ

“Thank you again for your prescient preparation of me, sage counsel and measured, yet volatile when needed, aggression. Eric and I are truly happy with the result.”

Michael W. Kane, Ph.D., J.D.
President & CEO, KANE & COMPANY, INC.
Investment Bankers, Los Angeles, CA

“We live in Arizona and hired Jeff to handle a real estate matter for us in California. He answered all of our questions in a very timely manner and was very professional throughout the whole process. We would highly recommend Jeff and his law firm.”

Rick and Paula Jensen

“I had the opportunity to discuss our real estate holdings with Jeffrey H. Lerman a few weeks ago in Boston where he was a special guest speaker at a real estate business event. In just a few brief moments, Jeff was able to assess my business model and open my eyes to the extraordinary use and leverage of Joint Venture Partnerships. I never would have imagined establishing the structures Jeff was able to explain in easy-to-understand language, and to create the potential for growth beyond our imagination within our grasp. It was right in front of us, and never even knew it was there. Jeff, I cannot thank you enough for your insight, clarity of concepts, and creative ways your mind works to help build better businesses for your clients’ continued success.”

Brian Lucier
Groton, MA

“Jeff is accurate and very detailed. He knew exactly where to take my situation even though it was complicated involving a promissory note, real estate outside the US, real estate out of Calif and a client that made changes to the target. Jeff was there for me all the way.
Thanks Jeff.”

Len Grosso
San Rafael, CA

Lerman Law Partners are excellent. Jeff answered our real estate questions and made referrals where necessary. Michelle drafted our living trust professionally and with sensitivity. This is our go to law firm.”

Fred & Tessa Cherniss
Novato, CA

“Jeff Lerman is attentive, quick to act, and reasonable in his fees. Jeff has always made himself available to answer any and all questions. He has shown me all sides of a transaction and shown me my potential weak spots. Excellent real estate attorney for investors to utilize.”

Marie M.
San Francisco, CA

“I have worked and consulted with Jeff and Michelle on several matters for
mutual clients, and they have been nothing but a pleasure. They are obvious experts and the best at what they do, and everything is handled with professionalism, responsiveness, and attention to detail. I work with a lot of different attorneys, and this team is way up there!

Further, Jeff and I have teamed up in the past and provided educational programs for consumers with real estate and tax issues. He generously shared his knowledge openly and thoroughly; I look forward to future joint programs.”

Stephen M.
San Francisco, CA

“In negotiating my lease for my office space, Jeff Lerman negotiated savings for me throughout my lease term that more than paid for his legal fees.”

George Savage
Partner, Kallis & Savage
Pacific Palisades, CA

“My husband and I made the mistake of going in partnership on a commercial property with another couple. There were so many problems and it looked like we were going to lose our investment. Our original lawyer was running up exorbitant fees, but accomplishing nothing. I won’t say who it was, but she’s a partner at a large, well respected SF Firm.

We were terrified of spending more money on attorneys, but we really had no choice. One of the attorneys we consulted recommended Jeff Lerman‘s firm in San Rafael. Anyway, that was almost nine months ago and Jeff basically saved our lives. Without Jeff’s help, I believe we would have lost our investment (really our retirement savings). Thank you Jeff, our family will always be grateful. Brilliant, compassionate lawyer.”

Linda R.
San Francisco, CA

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